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Banking fundamentals

Designed for forward-thinking businesses globally of all sizes.
Propel your business forward with best-in-class banking products and services
Efficient onboarding process for businesses around the world
Multi-Currency deposit accounts
Deposit, convert, and send money efficiently around the world
Earn returns securely and access funds anytime
Program your bank.
Automate Everything
Manage your corporate entities and multiple users in one place

Program your bank

Unlock new possibilities. Automate Everything

Pave Bank apps

Powerful pre-build and third-party apps to increase efficiency of financial operations.

Triggers & Actions

Select from a wide variety of financial triggers and create automated actions

Triggers & Actions
Pave Bank Builder
AI that helps you

Creating value for businesses


Our world-first programmable banking core lets you, assisted by our AI chatbot, build the features you need to create your perfect bank. Quickly build Pave Bank Apps to automate treasury functions, dozens of triggers and actions are available.


Our programmable core allows you to publish attestations (proof of funds), build escrow apps, or control the flow and release of funds in whatever way you need to increase trust between partners.


As a licensed, regulated bank you can be sure we're secure, insured and protected. Our proprietary banking platform is audited and approved, and we use the latest technology to ensure safe access to your funds.

Securing Your Future
& Building trust

At Pave Bank, we are not just building a future-proof bank, we are focused on robust cyber security, risk management and regulatory compliance to keep your assets safe.

Matched reserves
Ensuring that the maturity of our assets and liabilities are equally distributed so that, funds are always available for our clients.
Integrated AI
Leveraging cutting-edge AI tools to work alongside our risk and compliance teams
to give you peace of mind.
Insured assets
Keep your funds insured and protected.1

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At Pave Bank, we understand the importance of an efficient onboarding process, and we’ve made it easier.

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